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Mass Production

There are 70 skilled employees in our injection molding department who provide injection molding service for our customers. After years of development, our injection molding service has received praise by many of our customers and we keep improving our molding technology to help customers to get more beautiful parts with lower cost.

Equipped with a batch of high quality Injection machine from 60 tons to 1600 tons, you are guaranteed to receive the high quality parts from our skilled engineers and workers.

When you partner with Kemal Mold, you align with a world-class award-winning provider of plastic injection molding services, including two shot molding, insert molding, over molding.

Benefit from the precise molds, world-class machines, precise molding process and highly sophisticated ERP system from SAP, automatic robot operation system, Kemal mold are producing a high volume of parts of consistent high quality each month with on time delivery.



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